Abdul Muntalib and Yunus founded as an answer to help the business community in the face of diverse challenges and business activities that require professional treatment. Abdul Muntalib and Yunus on January 16, 2008 with Business License KAP No. KEP-24 / KM-.1. / 2008. KAP Abdul Muntalib and Yunus has office in Jakarta and has one branch in Yogyakarta and representative offices in other places.
For the needs of a high quality service, we continue to provide services on the basis of the objectives and problems of the clients themselves. With the support of professionals and strong understanding of the client's business, we are able to make an important contribution in improving clients’ business performance and efficiency.
Our commitment in providing good services, draws from the increasing requests of our services from many business fields such as banking, Industry, Insurance, Securities, Construction, Mining, Forestry Industry, Trade and Services.
To meet the quality standards of professional partners among businesses and other institutions, we have registered at Bank Indonesia and a Member of the Capital Market Accountant Forum. Qualifications and the cooperation with various institutions and businesses generate us to provide professional services in the fields broader and deeper than you expect.
We get the trust to do the General Audit, Compliance Audit, on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), as well as the preparation of the Corporate Governance Report (Good govermance / GCG) some State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and few companies that are already Go Public.




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